I am a 22-year-old student from London, after suffering from anxiety for most of my life, last year I was placed on Antidepressants, (Sertraline) I then switched over to Venlafaxine.  After some adverse side effects from the Venlafaxine, I decided to stop taking the medication with advice from my doctor.

Whilst weaning off the medication, I experienced horrific withdrawal symptoms, (including ‘brainzaps’, a symptom that many will be familiar with, which inspired the name!) This led me to do some research on the issue. What I found was that there is an incredible number of people out there who have had issues with Antidepressants and struggle to stop using them due to the dependency and withdrawal effects and that the methods doctors use to advise patients, may be outdated or outright incorrect.

As a coping mechanism for my anxiety, I began learning to code and develop mobile applications. So I have decided to use what I have learned to create an application that will help with the process, the idea is to track your lifestyle, sleep, food, etc and symptoms, severity and so on. In order to help keep track of an increase in the chance of success.


I have been working on the application, taking advice and suggestions from the people who need it the most so that I can make the best solution in aiding people going through Antidepressant Withdrawal Syndrome.

I would like to spend a lot of my time working on this app in order to help those going through this experience (Which can take years!) to have something that can help them through it, by helping them manage and take note of their symptoms, find correlations with what helps/doesn’t and many more features such as dosage reminders, diary entries, and potentially a place to share experiences and advice!

There are many possibilities and I am working with the community to guide me in development!

I am asking for help with costs towards the development so that I can spend more time working on the app whilst studying, hosting the services, marketing the app, etc.

Any donations are greatly appreciated, but most importantly, if you would like to help please help test the application! The application is currently in a Beta stage, and you can already aid with testing for Android  and iOS !

If you would like to get involved, please contact me at peter@cryptixltd.com